memories of my first femship


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  1. officialfrenchtoast:

    *holds your hand* 

    ha ha how’d that get there

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  2. This lok fandom loves you and appreciates your creativity, opinions and sass.



    i love you too cool part of the lok fandom<3

  3. sofapizza:


    3D Printing

    what a time to be alive.

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  4. thebreadgod:

    Finding a typo in a book


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  5. masterpost for writers creating their own worlds, or even just characters



    names that have specific meanings

    meanings of any names

    popular baby names

    upper class names

    common last names

    fancy last names

    aristocratic/royal names

    random name generator

    random place name generator

    list of latin words

    english to latin translator

    english to greek translat


    greek mythology database

    the culture of ancient rome

    list of legendary creatures

    fantasy name generator

    feel free to add in any links!


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    omfg her face

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  6. kelpls:

    umm I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing feedback I’ve gotten for that small comic OH GOSH I’M REALLY OVERWHELMED I really didn’t expect so many people to like it dkfmgds it was just a really random thing .. I’VE GOTTEN A LOT of asks on whether I’m gonna continue it and I just want to say YEAH!! I still have a bunch of ideas that I couldn’t fit into that first comic and I’d love to draw all of them when I can!! It probably won’t be a continuous comic-story thing though, probably just mini-comics here and there bc im not the most confident writer ha ha 

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AGAIN mghj blubs I don’t know what to say other than lie here and cry bc you’re all too sweet and wonderful

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